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Merienda with le cousin 😊 (at Zark’s Burgers)


Sniper prank (illegal, don’t try this at home).

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He didn’t fall from far

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1. Always pick him up from the airport. Don’t drive by and pick him up. Be there when he comes down the stairs. Anyone who’s seen Love Actually knows how important this is.

2. Sometimes leaving him alone for a bit is the best love you can give.

3. Even if he says he doesn’t like flowers, give them anyway.

4. No matter how annoying, ALWAYS say good things about his family. Even if he doesn’t. At least for the first year.

5.  Cooking him dinner is the best gift you can give. Anything that shows you worked your butt off just for him.

6. Sometimes you don’t need to give any advice. Don’t ever say “well you should have…”  Just listen, support him and say “it’ll be ok.”

7. If he says he doesn’t want help, he doesn’t. He probably wants to impress you. Let him.

8. When in an argument don’t bring other people’s opinions into it. “My Mom thinks…”, “Dana at work thinks…”. They only “think”. They don’t “know”. This is YOUR relationship. Only you two know the whole story. Others don’t.

9. Ask what you can do in bed that would make him crazy. Even if he says there’s nothing, he has something.

10. If he has a favorite movie, even if you don’t like it, watch it with him a couple of times, and keep your negative opinions to yourself.

11. Celebrate his birthday, no matter what he says.

12. On second thought, cooking BREAKFAST is the best thing you can do for him.

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